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What is NameFind?

Selecting a name for your business, product or project is one of the most important decisions you can make. A strong brand name allows your customers to easily find your business or website across the digital universe. Obtaining good visibility in search results is essential to a good digital marketing plan, and results in increased website traffic and revenue.

NameFind is the first collaborative, one-stop business name generator that lets you search domain names, investigate and buy the best brand name for your business or product. It pulls together data and feedback on business name ideas that will enable you to make smarter and more informed decisions when selecting your brand name.

How Does It Work?

NameFind collects and centralizes meaningful and previously fragmented information about business name ideas - unregistered and aftermarket or premium domain names, social media availability, feedback from your community, and more.

NameFind allows you to receive ratings and comments on your choices from your community or network to make smarter and faster brand name decisions.

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